Framless Glass Balustrades

The Block NZ winners Ben and Kylie were building their dream home on a unique bush site and ran into an issue with their three decks. Glass Vice Products offered a suitable balustrade solution.


Ben and Kylie had a philosophy of working with the natural environment instead of against it, to create a unique home sympathetic to its surroundings. While striving to blend into the landscape Ben and Kylie still wanted to have a liveable home, and one way this was achieved was through their three decks.

All three decks are more than a metre from the ground, meaning a balustrade installation around them was required for safety reasons. Ben and Kylie were initially a little worried that this would obscure their views into the bush and ruin their vision for a seamless flow between inside and out.


Their builders suggested Glass Vice Products, as they'd recently worked together during the renovation of a nearby cliff-top home and the business’ frameless glass balustrades preserved the sea views and architectural integrity of the house while exceeding all safety requirements at the same time.

Kylie and Ben trawled through the Glass Vice website that evening and liked what they saw. They contacted Glass Vice and arranged to pop into their showroom on William Pickering Drive in Albany to look at their range of Frameless Glass Balustrade solutions.


Kylie and Ben chose the new Glass Vice Clearline system, as it looked so good and like no other balustrade they’d ever seen before.

The Glass Vice Clearline clamps holding the sheets of glass were completely hidden beneath a sleek aluminium cover panel, which can be powdercoated to a colour of a users choosing. Then, set into the panel was a series of small LED lights washing across the deck. Kylie and Ben were so impressed with the system that they completely changed the layout of their two lower decks, so they could incorporate more of these show-stopping balustrades into their house.

The balustrades enhance the building's aesthetic appeal while making the decks inviting and usable across every square metre. This preserves their outlook and the original design philosophy. The finish is so integrated and free from obstruction that it's easy to forget there is any glass there at all.