Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Maintain an uninterrupted panoramic view of your pool and surrounding area with a Glass Vice® frameless glass pool fence.

Glass fencing around your pool will enhance your property and enjoyment of your space, as well as providing a great wind break. Glass Vice® Pool fencing uses the  New Zealand designed and patented Glass Vice system that is fully adjustable.

No holes in your glass and you can use 2 x Glass Vice® clamps on a 2 metre sheets of 12mm Toughened safety glass 

Glass Vice® pool fencing solutions comply with all Council and building code requirements using 12mm  toughened safety glass and pool gates with self-closing hinges and latches.

Glass Vice® have a range of hinges available including  - Glass to Glass, Glass to Post, Glass to Wall Latches.

Your options are top fixing to concrete or timber, side fixing to concrete or timber with Glass Vice Clamps or if you do not want to see any hardware use the Glass Vice® Clearline® pool system.

Clearline all the fixings are hidden either at the side or under the deck.