The Glass Vice® Clearline® system uses the patented Glass Vice® technology to securely fasten the glass sheets beneath a sleek Aluminium cover panel,

  • no fittings get between the view and the environment when using with Laminated sentry glass (with stiff interlayer) 
  • no glass going out of alignment on timber decks which happens with existing channel systems currently on the market.
  • Option of timber fascia which gives the look of the glass coming out from beneath the timber
  • Lighting solution within the design of the balustrade (optional)

This is not a traditional channel system. This is a Unique Balustrade system - the latest in Frameless Glass Balustrade design. Click here to watch our latest video

Glass Vice® Clearline® stainless steel clamps are side mounted, the glass is then installed by clamping in place. All the hardware is hidden behind a stylish slimline aluminium cover which can be powder coated to match most Dulux colours. The Glass Vice ® Clearline® system is a perfect solution for Residential and Commercial to give the clearest view of what should be celebrated not obstructed.

Clearline® can be used with 15mm toughened safety glass and our top rail solution or handrail solution to meet the NZBC requirements for toughened safety glass balustrades which were introduced in June 2016.

This system has been tested and certified in New Zealand.  New Zealand registered design and patented solution 


I used the Glass Vice® Clearline® balustrade system on my own house and was impressed with the system, the attention to detail, the quick and easy installation and the substantial safety through the use of 15mm toughened glass. I will recommend it to my clients when specifying Frameless Glass balustrades
 -  Graham Pitts (Architect)